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I'm Rick, owner and full time locksmith serving Wolverhampton. I've been working as a local locksmith for around ten years and am known locally as the go to guy for all lock work and uPVC door repairs in the local area.

I am a genuine local locksmith firm, not one of those call centres that advertise in Wolverhampton and pretend to be local. This is a bona fide home grown locksmith firm based in Wolverhampton, reliable, friendly and trustworthy.


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Jammed uPVC Windows

Window locks fitted to uPVC units are prone to breaking internally leaving you with a window that will no longer open, even though the handle turns. The internal gears are usually made from cheap cast metal which over time wears, cracks and eventually shatters. It's usually down to excessive force on the handle or a poorly adjusted window. I've been repairing this type of problem for nearly ten years and can unjam the faulty window lock to replace with either a like for like lock mechanism or a newer alternative. If you have a jammed window that needs a bit of TLC just give me a call.

Genuine local Locksmith!

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repairing a upvc window
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Window Handles & Fixings

As well as repairing broken window locks I also provide replacements for worn and loose handles or for those that no longer have keys. Quite often there are no new keys left for this type of window handle when you move into a property and a lot of insurance companies specify locking windows as a condition of their policies. As well as handles I can supply extra fittings such as hinges and restrictors that prevent full opening of the window. This is often a requirement for those wishing to let a property under the management of the local council housing groups that have to adhere to strict safety guidelines.

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Domestic & Commercial

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Wooden Window Locks

Of course, not everyone has opted for upvc windows and are using timber ones instead. Locks and fittings are available for these windows again to help them meet insurance specifications and I can source and supply almost any parts you might need and to match the existing hardware installed. This includes sliding doors and windows with multi directional opening often referred to as tilt and turn.